9 ideas for house numbers that go BOOM

By on Nov 9th

You wouldn't believe the amount of questions I've gotten about house numbers! I guess I'm not surprised — they're an easy way to change up your house, but when you head to the hardware store you get, like, four choices for house numbers and they're all pretty blah. Here are non-blah makeable and buyable ideas for displaying your house — or maybe apartment? — number.

I really, really, love this idea of house numbers as a sculptural element. $185 per digit from curranonline.com. I don't have an idea for making these suckers, but I'm open to suggestions!

Source: 100kmom.blogspot.com via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

Source: 100kmom.blogspot.com via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

Vinyl house numbers. Vinyl is NOT expensive to get custom-cut from a sign shop — and if you're really feeling lazy you can totally get the sign shop to come install your new address, too. You could do any font, any size — it's a super flexible medium.

industrial hammered house numbersAwesome industrial, hammered house numbers are easy to install.

Making threaded house numbers is simple, but looks complex. The thread might get ookie after a while, but then you just take it down and re-thread. Ooh! Ooh! OR you could use this rad fluorescent twine! Here's how you make these house numbers.

Have a front porch? Make throw pillows with your address on them and multitask!

Another seasonal/temporary/no-damage solution to house numbers — use a wreath. You could use the same wreath over and over, or make one for each season.

Not gonna lie, I love an eco-friendly lighted number option that also collects your mail.

Speaking of eco-friendly, nature-lovers will adore these twig house numbers!

Cut metal house numbers. This one's from Etsy and looks close to a lot of the high-design jobbies flying around. It'd be easy to reproduce with the help of your local iron working shop. What? Doesn't everyone have one of those down the street?

We've got more house number ideas and products over on Pinterest. Check it.

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