A design company in Dogpatch gives the neighborhood something to stand behind with their new emblem

By on Sep 13th

San Francisco neighborhood Dogpatch now has a wearable emblem of 'hood pride, thanks to apparently-awesome design company Triple Aught Design. The crew designed an embroidered emblem, AND also a rubberized one and, oh — they both just so happen to fit on designated places of the jackets Triple Aught makes. Cooool.

They have a number of other patches and pouches and clips and knives available as well. Thanks to NotCot for the original link.

I'd love to see a trend of hip young neighborhoods taking up an emblem to promote community pride. Our neighborhood has a lame name, so I'd have to rename it and then make a patch. Maybe a piping hot loaf of bread, for all our Italian families, groceries, and restaurants.

If your neighborhood had a seal, what would it be?

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