The 5 not-at-all-essential things you should prepare for your home in case of a power outage

By on Aug 1st

blackouts are fun

Photo by sandcastlematt. Used under Creative Commons license.

Y'all remember that huge blackout in the Northeast US in 2003? 55 million people lost power completely unexpectedly. I remember watching video of thousands of people walking home from Manhattan to New York's boroughs.

Of course power outages can strike any time of the year, but between the heat and the thunderstorms, summer is a good time to prep. Put together your power outage kit today, and you'll thank yourself down the road!

We're not talking about an emergency kit, although of course you should have one of those, as per this guidance from the Red Cross. We're talking more about an 'oooh, the lights are out — what shall we do?' kit. So grab a shoebox, gather these items, and tuck them in a closet next to your flashlight so you've got things to do when you're out of luck.

When the power goes out, make sure you've got:

  • Food. Since you won't be able to zap a frozen pizza in the microwave, get some noms that'll be accessible. If you have a gas stove, rock! You can rely on mac & cheese. If not, pack up some nuts or Chex Mix or Pop Tarts in your Power Outage kit. You know you'll be hungry.
  • Drinks. Make sure you have water. And then, give yourself a $6 bottle of bottom-shelf vodka, for emergencies only. It'll make your time without electronic stimulation go much more quickly.
  • Lube. It's dark, it's quiet, it's a little spooky — it's all very sexy. Be prepared.
  • A deck of cards
  • A pad of paper and pens. You'll find something to do with them. Write a Madlib, play MASH or tic-tac-toe, draw caricatures, write a poem about being afraid of the dark.

What will you add to your power outage fun kit? Share it in the comments!

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