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Do you share passwords with your partner?

By on Aug 23rd
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Qui.lee asks:

Do you have advice on whether couples should share passwords with each other?

Does it encourage snooping? Is it bad for the relationship or do we even need privacy if we have nothing to hide?

This seems like such a touchy subject for most people and maybe there's no right answer for all couples, but who better to lay it all out on the table than you?

Okay, this is tough. Here's my take:

No snooping. If you know enough to think you should be snooping, either your partner's up to something or you're in a bad place. Either way, it's time to step back and reconsider your course if snooping crosses your mind. I'll fess up: I snooped once and it sucked and it made everything worse. There was no upside.

But what about passwords? Now that I've laid down the law on snooping, passwords are a much easier topic.
When to share your passwords:

  • When it is necessary. If you need to print something off your partner's computer but in order to do that you have to call them for the password? Generally should be fine. Do you work together on projects or share bills online? Totally. If you want to create a layer of security, create a different password than your usual.
  • When it is responsible. Every household should have a password plan in case of emergency. A file, a post-it note — some way to share passwords in case one of you is unreachable. I would hate to get hit by a bus (nose tap) and not have a way for Scott to get my essential info.

Those are my rules. What's worked for you and what hasn't in password swapping at home?

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