15 houses of very, very different color

By on Jul 26th

Zebra-striped house in Basset, Nebraska

In June I found this all-zebra, all the time house in Bassett, Nebraska and found myself newly-inspired in thinking about house colors.

It's fascinating! How do people choose the color of their home? How do neighbors react? So many Victorian homes are bright and colorful because that is their tradition, but they sit across the street from rows and rows of more beige houses.

I sorted and sorted through Flickr and found all these houses — SO MANY HOUSES — of a different color. And, surprisingly, so many really mean comments. I had to save these houses and present them to people who would truly appreciate their weirdness: the Homies.

And so, let's look!

This is a SanFran house in a high-class neighborhood. It's super haute couture, but I wonder if all the neighbors appreciate it. I love it. Luff. Photo courtesy ffffound!

This is a really nicely done leopard-print house. Does this homeowner also have a wardrobe filled with leopard-print blouses? Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy.

Chefchaoen, Morocco is an entire city painted blue, in the tradition of the prayer shawls worn there. Not just the outer walls, but vases, planters, stairs, and even some interiors are blue. Photo courtesy Neatorama.


Legend has it this brownstown turned pink after its owner mistakenly purchased a flat of pink housepaint. Photo by Matt Carman. Used under Creative Commons license.

Rainbow house

Now this is an interesting approach to jazzing up a paint job. You'd have to plan ahead for this one. Photo by Dystopos. Used under Creative Commons license.

Pink House

The white undersides on the porch of this house are such a nice touch. They set the house OFF! Photo by bettybraun. Used under Creative Commons license.


I'm not sure what the inspiration for this house is, and I'm also ambivalent about my own feelings of it. The photo-taker? HATES it. Photo by Chad Miller. Used under Creative Commons license.

Tim Leary, Color Consultant

GEEZ, HOUSE LAY OFF ME I AM AWAKE!!!! I feel like this house is assaulting my eyes. Photo by Roger Jones. Used under Creative Commons license.

sidehall shotgun

Nicely, neatly done paint job. And pink and yellow? That is not a color combination I'd have predicted would look so good. Photo by boxchain. Used under Creative Commons license.

Pumpkin House, Fall Day

Husband and I started house shopping after setting our hearts on an orange house very much like this one. Photo by abbyladybug. Used under Creative Commons license.

Pink Victorian at Park and Holmead

This is an unusual color application for a Victorian house, but what I really, really, really, really, really, really, really love is the detail in the shingles. Photo by Mr. T. Used under a Creative Commons license.

For Karen and Jeff

What a nice little endcap: this teeny tritone sunshine house. Photo by boxchain. Used under Creative Commons license.

Sound off in the comments: which of these houses would you LEAST want in your neighborhood? Which one would you emulate on your own house?

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