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Help me, Homies: My slovenly roommates attract bugs which I’m powerless to stop

By on Jul 5th
Hissing Cockroach

Photo by origamiwolf. Used under Creative Commons license.

Rachael needs your help!

I have a problem. A horrible, awful, kitchen bug problem.

Some of my roommates have been, let's say, not so good with cleaning sometimes. So the bugs came. We rarely see them during the day, but they're EVERYWHERE at night. Turning on the light, I usually have to stifle my instinctive scream. There are tiny little brown bugs everywhere. Not ants — they look like small roaches.

I've been actively working on the problem the last month by discouraging messes in the kitchen and cleaning down the counters and all around with a bleachy cleaning product. The bug problem is not getting better. It might be worse!

What's my best option to take care of these pests? Bonus points for a gentler solution than my bleachy friend.

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