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I made a fashionable and FREE bat-proof fireplace cover

Do you ever have an idea so great that you can’t even handle yourself until you make it happen? This bat-proof fireplace cover was one of those ideas for me…

My trick for low maintenance, affordable, salt-free, organic snail repellent

Fortunately, we have two good sized rosemary plants in our yard. I pulled off several long sprigs and lined the inside perimeter of our garden bed with it — what did I have to lose? If slugs do in fact have an aversion to rosemary, this should do the trick.

Do I have to surrender my backyard to the spiders?

Our lovely Portland, Oregon backyard has transformed into a spidery wonderland during the past year. Spiders are awesome and super important for the environment, but we need our personal space! What can I do to de-spider the back yard, short of spraying with pesticides?

How can we mosquito-proof our windows on a budget?

We have cats, which means our window screens have little tears here and there. Whenever we open the windows at night to cool the house down, we get eaten alive with mosquitoes slipping inside! Short of buying new window screens, how can we mosquito-proof our windows on a budget?

How do you weather/bug proof a rental apartment?

My husband and I live in an apartment that we love, except for the bug problem. We have a large gap in our door where they keep coming in. I’ve done some research about sealing the gaps, but it all seems geared to people who own their home. Any advice for bug and weather proofing for the renting Homies?

How to make a natural, non-gross-smelling mosquito repellent

When I’m in the yard, any mosquito is an unwelcome mosquito, but I HATE using store-bought bug spray. Blech. That’s why I’m loving this easy-to-make natural spray — it’s so pleasant and works like a charm.

Building a better — and humane — mousetrap

It’s what designers and engineers joke about — some dude invented the mousetrap as we know it in 1897, and it’s continued to weather the slings and arrows of new inventions for more than 100 years.

Now, designer Onedown might be giving The Little Nipper a run for its money.

How do I shoo this cranky neighborhood cat away from our house?

My cat Nacho is the queen of her domain, but there’s a neighbour cat who wants to fight. It riles her up something fierce. What can we do?