A vintage snack: super-pink bathrooms from the '50s and '60s

By on Jul 21st

Hello, Homies! I spent my Flickr time this week enjoying vintage bathrooms — I was overwhelmed by the pinkness!

Enjoy these finds, and may you never have a pink bathroom fixture of your own. Me? My bathroom sink looks like we've coated it in Pepto Bismol. FROWN!

American-Standard Ad

Pink and orange: not a combination I'd recommend. Ever. Image shared by saltycotton. Used with permission.


Pink is pretty popular in these old baths. Love the planter in the window. Shared by Ginger. Used with permission.

Roses! Roses! ROSES!

So you want some ROSES EVERYWHERE? How about on the ceiling? There too, yeah? Shared by saltycotton. Used with permission.

1941 American Standard Pepto-Pink Bath

Not just pink — PEPTO pink! Shared by American Vintage Home. Used with permission.

Do you have a dream bathroom color scheme?

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