Shower with C3PO, R2, and Chewie

June 3 |

Architect Emily Jagoda built something right up our alley.

Yeah. A stylized Star Wars shower mosaic. Squee amongst yourselves.

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  1. "Squee amongst yourselves."

    Why thank you, I will. I will also be showing this to my husband in an attempt to convince him that when we get a house our bathroom should look like this. He may not actually be all that opposed ­čśë

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    • ….And I will be doing the same!!! This is flippin' fantastic!

  2. I'm not a star wars fan but I really love this, it's fabulous!

    And as the majority of the tiles are white the bathroom will still be bright.

    I recently retiled my bathroom and being restricted to the cheapest option (generic beigey tiles) I just wish the mozac tiles weren't so expensive.

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  3. So when I get a house, I'm definitely doing this for real. One of the best nerd decor posts I've seen anywhere.

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  4. I'll never look forward to another shower again knowing that I'll be just getting garden variety wet and someone, somewhere gets to shower with Star Wars every morning. I think you've just opened a portal in my brain that can never be closed. I wanna shower with The Force too!

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  5. Awesome. The photo wasn't showing for me, but I was able to right-click and "open image in new tab"…

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