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How do we get our housemate to relax about trying to please us?

By on Jun 21st

Sarah asks:

The husband and I live in a two bedroom house, and have always had a housemate in the spare room. We've always got along splendidly with our roommates.Chill. I like you.

That said, all of our previous housemates have been introverts, which suits us as we're incredibly chill people. Our new housemate is a lovely guy, but is definitely an extrovert — and on top of that, incredibly anxious. How can we get him to chill out a bit and realise that we're not judging him for any real or perceived misdeeds?

He has gone out of his way to make sure we like him — buying a whole heap of cleaning supplies, even though we share it all and weren't even close to running out. This is making husband and I feel uneasy, as we do not have hugely stable incomes and can't always afford to 'repay the favour'. There's also the point that we already liked him, otherwise we wouldn't have taken him on as a tenant!

Offbeat Homies, how on earth do you get the excitable bogan housemate to settle into a chilled-out hippy house?

When you have an extroverted roommate living with two introverts, what can the quiet kids do to assure him he's doing just fine?

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