Hanging art without a frame (but staying away from thumb tacks and scotch tape)

By on Apr 1st

Frames are all well and good, but aren't always an option. Sometimes it's because of an oddly-sized print, sometimes frames just cost too damn much. How do you hang a print when you can't find a suitable frame?

Binder clips or clothespins and string

bathroom art

Photo by ereyui. Posted in the Offbeat Home Flickr Group.

A few Homies posted their clippy solution in our Flickr group, and when paired with the right surroundings, this technique works beautifully. This looks like a textural oil painting — a fantastic juxtaposition against shiny office clips.

Mount it

Chris Roberts' Batman print is shellacked to a plywood board.

If the art is thin enough, it can be mounted. There are lots of options, depending on how permanent a solution is desired. Starting with a piece of plywood from a lumberyard (birch ply is nice, and about $8 for 24"x24") or a blank canvas from Plywerk (or cardboard or acrylic or masonite), you can adhere the print using spray adhesive, double-sided tape or photo corners.

Shelve it

Just liked Dale did in her mantle makeover, you can lean art against the wall on a shelf or mantle.

What else you got? When frames failed you, what was your solution?

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