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Animal House kitchen gadgets for the not-so-serious chef

By on Apr 12th

Guys, I hate cooking and I hate doing any kind of kitchen activities what-so-ever. But it's one of those inescapable daily tasks, so when I found the adorable Animal House kitchen gagets, I found the perfect way to make my time in the kitchen suck less, like, WAY less.

It all started with this bad boy. Someone thought it'd be cute to get me and my shark attack victim husband this shark bottle opener, and I became hooked on these things.

This shark paring knife was the next thing we received as a gift (we get a lot of shark gifts), I keep it in a cup on our kitchen counter and use it for EVERYTHING — slicing open plastic wrapped pizzas, opening mail, cutting things, stabbing holes in things before I put 'em in the microwave. This is the most used thing in my kitchen.

These woodpecker scissors are the second most used thing in our kitchen. Aaron broke our first pair and immediately went online and ordered them up again.

Oh monkey peeler, you hardly get used, but you're cute.

The toucan opener (get it?) is probably my favorite of the designs with the very best name.

My adorable whale ice cream scoop gets a lot of use. Did y'all know that there exists such a thing as Thin Mint ICE CREAM!?

This little guy was a wedding gift from a chef! Not only is he a mouse cheese grater, but he's also a bowl when you flip him over and he also comes with a little plastic lid for his bottom to store the cheese shavings.

I hate measuring things, but I LOVE filling a rooster head measuring cup with things and then letting the rooster spit it all out!

This piranha pizza cutter makes me crack up every time I use it, which is a ton.

I have to admit, I don't have this angelfish colander because I don't have much storage space, so I opted for this collapsable colander instead. But when I get more room, angel fish here is coming to live with me!

Meet the newest member of my kitchen animal family, this turtle cutting board and trivet combo is so cute!

The coolest part about these flying fish whisks are that they are adjustable, so you can pull down that little ring to compress them for easy storage.

Speaking of storage, we can't seem to have enough hippo chip clips.

Finally, when you're done with all your kitchen cooking time, here's a little octopus scrubber to help with the dishes. They're the perfect size to sit on my sink. They also have an elephant dish brush or a porcupine scrubber.

There are so many more cute and funky Animal House products to make kitchen and house work a little more fun and exciting. Check 'em out on Amazon and I've found some of them at Target as well.

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