Stretching shelf space, adding color, and stashing crafts

Guestpost by Lenore Tucker-MacLeod on Mar 9th

craft room

When I was gifted over 1,000 vintage buttons from my 94-year-old great aunt Wilma, I knew I had a major dilema on my hands: how and where to store them! Luckily, I had an ingenious idea.

I stopped by the hardware store and bought two basic wooden shelves and their hanging accoutrements. I also bought 12 small mason jars with lids, and some wood nails. Before I installed the shelves, I hammered the tops of the mason jars (the lid and the detachable disc) to the bottom of the shelf. I made them more stable by adding a bit of glue around the edges. After I had the lids in place, I attached the shelves to the walls. From there, I color coded my buttons in jars, and screwed the jars into the lids.

craft room

Now I can use the tops of my shelves for organizing, as well as the bottoms! This would work great in a craft room, kitchen, kid's room, or garage. My mom told me later that my grandpa had done the exact thing in his garage for his nails and screws. I guess great ideas run in the family!

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