A rustic kid’s play house built with flea market finds and scratch

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Claudia and her partner had a dream: to build a play kitchen for their kiddo. What started out as a simple idea turned into one of the most incredible play structures on the planet — this place even has a sun deck and pool.

All photos by Claudia.

Says Claudia, “The house was not planned at all, but it was so much fun to do it! We just kept working and complementing with more rooms, then the deck, and finally the pool.”

The living room of the house.

They began with a simple frame — the main posts were anchored with metal spits in the ground. They attached the transversal bars with large screws, and created the roof from corrugated plastic and a straw mat.

The kitchen!

The outside walls were made from wooden boards, and the inside from pressboard. The pair painted the house with acrylic paint (it’s waterproof!), and found the window frames at a flea market. The floor is made of wood tiles from Home Depot screwed into the underlaying bars. The ever-fabulous pool is simply a pond — they dug a big hole in the ground and called it a day!

The pool!

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  1. wow!!!!!!! that is soooo awesome!! what a great little kid heaven!! i want to make one now. that is sooo cute and so much better than the premade ones at the store!!

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