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Make super easy fingerless gloves out of socks

What do you do when you suddenly realize your socks have humongous holes well beyond repair? Do you throw them away? Here’s a seasonal super-duper easy way to recycle them into fingerless gloves.

Bastards and orphans: celebrating holidays with peers

How do you create a sense of community with a group of people who aren’t forced to put up with each other? If you’re creating your own chosen family, this post will help you get through the holidays a little more warmly.

Don’t store camping gear over the winter — repurpose it all year long!

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is winding down. You may be getting ready for the depressing ritual of packing up the patio furniture, summer clothes, and camping gear for the winter. If only there was a way to elongate the season of outdoor fun! Or at least have less stuff to put away.

Before you pack up your camping gear, take a look at this list of gear you can use all year round. Maybe some of it can be used in ways you hadn’t thought of — and can bring little reminders of summer every time you use them.

I need to winter-proof my rental — are tapestries my only hope?

I’m wondering if there are any clever winter-proofing things I can do — I have visions in my head of castle-style wall tapestries in the bedroom to warm the freezing cold wall behind my back. Plausible?