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Claire & Bobby: From puppet wedding to living an improvised life

Hello everyone! Thanks for asking for a follow up. It’s been a packed five years. We’ve both found jobs that we love. I competed in an Iron Girl triathlon. Bobby still makes puppets. I even became a regular improviser (I make up songs!) at ImprovBoston with my husband and Dana Jay Bein, our male flower girl.

Naomi & Casey: From punk rock wedding to rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle

Since we were married, we’ve been playing in rock ‘n’ roll bands, recording rock ‘n’ roll bands, taking lots of pictures, playing with our bulldog, Doodah, changing our hair color, getting tattoos, fixing motorcycles and liking each other a little bit more each year.

Samantha & Steven: From gothic wedding to Horror-themed home life

To be quite honest, since our wedding, we have been living the normal everyday life! We have both focused a ton on our work and trying to advance our careers as well as customizing our house to our own style. Our house includes a Disney Haunted Mansion-themed living room, a Bates Motel bathroom, and a Horror-themed family room (to name a few). As for right now, we are so thrilled to announce that we are expecting a baby girl in December!

Lara: From Medieval-inspired handfasting to separating, and learning to start over

Wow, where do I start! If anyone had told me, three years ago, that this is how things would end up, I’d never have believed them, but there’s only one constant in life and that is change. I suppose I had what you might consider a small, early, mid-life crisis.

Jenna & Trevor: From tree-hugging wedding to baby-hugging parents

Hello friends! Since Trevor and I said our wedding vows, I was a kindergarten teacher, then became unemployed, then became a photographer, then became a more-than-full-time-photographer. Trevor has been working away at the University where he’s employed. OH, and we adopted the most adorable baby boy!

Luke & Suzanne: from Muppet wedding to writing and grad school

The past three years for us can be summed up in one word: writing. I finished my doctorate at USC, recently accepted a job as an Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies at ASU, and I’m working on my transforming my dissertation into a book. Luke was accepted to the Clarion Writers Workshop last summer, and has been writing his first science fiction novel. Personally, things remain pretty much the same as pre-wedding. The bliss is now officially categorized as “marital,” but we’re still living in Echo Park with our cat, Penny, and getting into spirited debates about all things geek culture.

Trisha & Matthew: from DIY wedding to dream jobs that actually aren’t

We’re adding a new series on Offbeat Home & Life called “Where Are They Now?” where we catch up with the couples from Offbeat Bride profiles past. First up is Trisha & Matt whom you may remember from their adorable DIY wedding in California.