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Attack your cork board with tiny Medieval weapons

Want to make it look like you have a team of tiny Medieval warriors doing your bidding? Or maybe you want a subtle way of showing how much you don’t like your work. These push pins can help with that.

Protect yourself with a kitty cat keychain… with claws

This $6 keychain from Wicked Clothes is fierce! REALLY fierce. Slip your fingers through the holes and the kitty cat becomes a close-proximity defense tool.

Defend your home with designer objects from American Design Club

This month American Design Club opened a show based on this simple prompt: You’ve just heard something in the other room. What would you want to grab to defend yourself? Perhaps a Molotov Cocktail Lamp? Or perhaps a Bat Rack?

How far should I go to protect my family?

One of the weirdest conversations I’ve had as an adult was the time my husband and I talked about safety in our new home. There had been a few home invasions in the area, where men had entered houses at night and demanded money or else pistolwhipping. Our conversation wandered from deadbolt locks to mace to, “What if we got a gun?”

Playing with toy weapons: inevitable or preventable?

Is it possible to prevent weapons — real or fake — from becoming part of your child’s play and reality?