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How do you talk to your kids about shoplifting?

My eighteen-year-old niece regularly watches my six-year-old daughter, and one recent outing included a trip to a local mall. My niece noticed that my daughter was playing with nail polish, but didn’t think much of it — until they returned home two hours later and the nail polish was in my daughter’s pocket.

How can I balance being a parent and being an artist?

It’s very difficult to be faced with two options: be artistic on cue, or stop in the middle of my inspiration to fix dinner, help with homework, or do a bedtime routine. The end result of all this internal conflict is complete and utter failure at both my art and raising my children in a healthy clean environment. I am curious: has anyone else out there dealt with this conflict? Have you found a solution that’s healthy for everyone?

Has becoming a parent changed your values?

Becoming a parent made author Jonathan Safran Foer become a vegetarian. Has parenthood changed you?