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Bob Ross Calm App: This meditation app is using Bob Ross magic to lull you to sleep

This meditation app is using Bob Ross magic to lull you to sleep

If you’re a fan of meditation/relaxation apps like Headspace and Meditation Studio, and ALSO a fan of the dulcet voice of Bob Ross, you’re in luck. The meditation and sleep app Calm is introducing PBS fave Bob Ross’ voice as part of its Sleep Stories, using the audio from his super relaxing painting episodes to lull you into repose.

From Mr. Rogers to Afropolitans in space: What we’re watching, reading, and listening to right now

We haven’t been talking a lot about what we’ve been consuming media-wise lately. And that’s no good since I know we’re all watching, listening, and reading things that aren’t just terrible news media. You’ve got to spend some time in other worlds sometimes, be they fictional fantasies, crime dramas very much not set in reality, and enjoying whatever it is we love most.

Doing everything “right” & changing the world: My mental health and Anthony Bourdain

When I found out Anthony Bourdain took his own life, I was in shock. I still am. I cried all day. I’m crying now. My shock doesn’t come from a place of ignorance; I have clinical depression myself, and I’ve been medicated for a couple of years. I’ve worked hard to change my habits so that they help my mental health. Overall, it’s working. But there are still days, weeks, months when things are bleak…

TV shows for breakup

16 breakup TV shows to binge watch your way back to life

Remember my big roundup of best breakup movies to soothe your poor broken heart? It’s time to dive down the boob tube rabbit hole to find the most bingeable breakup TV shows.

Grab your favorite snack (40 lb. bag of cereal marshmallows, perhaps?) and get to watching…

Tom Hanks will be playing Mr. Rogers in a biopic and my heart is going to EXPLODE

Many years ago, I remember my mother telling me how obsessed I had been with Mr. Rogers as a kid. Full-on, glued to the screen obsessed. The whole point of this zeitgeist is that our other pop culture hero Tom Hanks will be starring in a Mr. Rogers biopic based on You Are My Friend, an article published in Esquire 20 years ago by his friend and journalist Tom Junod. I read it and immediately starting feeling all the FEELS. This movie is going to kill me. And my entire generation.

We admitted the weirdest holiday movies, specials, and episodes we MUST watch every year

We admitted the weirdest (& best!) holiday movies, specials, and episodes we watch every year

The staff here got to talking about holiday movies and it got… weird. I decided to round up some of the more interesting ones (and some of the BEST overlooked ones) that we simply have to watch each year around the holidays.

Sure, we’re all watching Elf, but what are we watching secretly in our beds with the cats and the rest of the advent calendar?

Sansa is a strong character

High-key femininity isn’t weakness and here’s why Sansa proves it

Why is Sansa Stark presumed weak because she is high-key feminine? And what the hell make a female character “strong” anyway? Let’s lay out Sansa’s more powerful turns and see if a dress-wearing, high-key feminine character (even in a fictional Medieval-style universe) can overcome her gender spectrum stigma. Femininity doesn’t undercut feminism, and here’s why Sansa proves it…

Want something better than 13 Reasons Why? Here's the show that wins in portraying mental illness

Want something better than 13 Reasons Why? Here’s the show that wins in portraying mental illness

13 Reasons Why was problematic when it came to dramatizing suicidal ideation and execution — in all it’s heavy and highly dramatized detail. I want to call out an alternative. A really good alternative and one you may have missed if you’re outside of the U.K. Here’s why My Mad Fat Diary is a much better portrayal of mental illness and suicide…