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Dealing with fears while roadtripping with a baby

Taking a road trip with a baby was a great experience. In part because it felt like it set a good precedent for family adventures — and in part because at times I was terrified.

When my son met Kate Moss

This weekend we did our first flight with the baby (he did great!) down the Bay Area where I was doing an Offbeat Bride reading. On Sunday, we headed inland to Napa to visit an old blogging friend of mine, and that’s where we met Kate Moss. Because oh yes: that hilarious skinny Brussels Griffon […]

What I learned from our first camping trip with a baby

When our son was six months old, my husband and I packed up our new/old Westfalia (aka The Vantasy) and headed to Washington’s Deception Pass for our first family camping trip. Granted, this wasn’t backpacking (just car camping) but I still learned a few things: Cloth diapers are great for the great outdoors, as long […]

How to change a diaper on a plane

I am a frequent reader of Offbeat Mama & am expecting my first child in May. My husband and I will be traveling with the baby in July, when the baby is about 8 weeks old. We’re flying from the East Coast to Denver. I keep seeing advice on dealing with breastfeeding while traveling, and […]

Mile-high Motherhood: How to breastfeed while piloting a plane

My daughter’s infant car seat had attached so nicely to the right front seat of my Mooney TLS single-engine airplane that our loving mother-daughter piloting adventures seemed meant to be.

Kids are portable

One of the promises that my husband and I made to ourselves when we talked about having children, was that we’d continue to satisfy our desire to travel. We looked forward to carting our future children around the country and around the world. Our 16 month old daughter has taken three trips in her life, […]

Family of six hikes 93-mile Wonderland Trail

This summer, Ben and Kami Crawford decided to go for a little family hike … “little” meaning 93 miles around Mount Rainier’s Wonderland Trail in Washington. They made the trek with their four kids — ages 2, 4, 6 and 8 — in a total of 12 days, going up and down 22,000 feet of […]