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Making the transition to tiny house living

Ever since I was forced by circumstance to live in my car one summer, I have been obsessed with living in a tiny house. I would eventually LOVE to refurbish a bus, or a flatbed trailer, into a tiny mobile home. But for now, I am acting incrementally by moving into a cozy, 480 square foot studio/garage apartment. I am beyond stoked to be stepping onward to this process, but I have no idea where to begin planning for this move.

What’s it like living in a geodesic dome?

My husband and I are looking to move out of our apartment and purchase this 1977 Geodesic Dome. Are there any Dome Dwellers among the Homies that can offer us the possible pros and cons of moving into a geodesic dome?

A tiny, geeky, artsy, punk-y studio in Seattle

There are two big challenges here: storage room and tidiness. It’s not a very big apartment — I think it clocks in at about 425 sq. ft., and it only comes with just the closet and some poorly arranged kitchen cabinets to contain all my stuff. So most of my furniture is for the storing of things because I can’t live without making and surrounding myself with art.

Two tiny apartments that are big on style

200-square-feet in NYC never looked so cool. Lysee didn’t skimp on the colour and wall-coverings in her tiny space. She created the feeling of more space by having defined areas, like adding a kitchen cart to zone off the kitchen. The loft bed is a huge space-saver, and I bet it’s more fun sleeping on the top bunk, too!

What do you know about vintage mobile home restoration?

Our new vintage mobile home.[/caption]My husband and I recently purchased a totally sweet vintage (1967, baby!) mobile home, and we are really excited to finally be home owners. While it took me a minute to get over my middle-class judgements about “trailer trash,” etc., I am now all in and thrilled that while it may not be our dream home, it is OURS. (Also, the wood paneling is pretty amazing.) But because of my total lack of experience with mobile-home living, I feel really unprepared for the quirks and particularities that will come with our new home.

This teeny tiny home in Nanaimo makes me want to be more awesome

This little video about a tiny home made by Canada’s TwelveCubed Homes is so incredibly inspiring. Best quote? “The secret to living in such a small space is not to have too much junk.” Wise words, even for those of us living in larger spaces.

Tiny Casita: converting a $200 trailer into a sweet mobile casa

Thanks to the Tiny House Blog for introducing me to Greg Fowkes’ story. He’s a new dad who’s converting a $200 trailer into an amazing modern mobile home that he, his wife, and their new baby can drive down to Mexico and live in.

As Greg says, “When you think about getting back to basics, what could be more basic than family? Change starts at home.”

Yurt + Dome = My life in a yome

My 16-month-old daughter and I live on an herb farm (no, not that kind of herb farm, though we are in Northern California). I am a farm hand here, and in exchange for a certain amount of hours a week working the land, we get to live here and breathe the fresh air, learn about herbs, and watch everything bloom.

We live in a yome here. Yep, a yome — it’s a cross between a yurt and a geodesic dome. And wait until you see the triangular windows…