Two tiny apartments that are big on style

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Photo from Apartment Therapy.
Photo from Apartment Therapy.

200-square-feet in NYC never looked so cool. Lysee didn’t skimp on the colour and wall-coverings in her tiny space. She created the feeling of more space by having defined areas, like adding a kitchen cart to zone off the kitchen. The loft bed is a huge space-saver, and I bet it’s more fun sleeping on the top bunk, too!

Photo from Tiny House Blog.
Photo from Tiny House Blog.

Now check out this post from Tiny House Blog. Jon and Ryah Dietzen mastered their 400-square-foot domain by keeping the decor light and multi-functional. Bonus: by having a smaller space, the two felt more inclined to get out into their community. Click here to see more of what they’ve done with less space!

Or check our archives full of Homies living stylishly small!

Do you live in a small space? What are some of your tricks for getting the most out of every square-foot?

Comments on Two tiny apartments that are big on style

  1. I love the idea of a loft bed but as a sleepwalker, it is never going to happen. My husband won’t let me sleep near the door, even if we stay in a hotel, the side that is furthest from the door is automatically my side.
    On a different note that hot pink sofa rocks!

  2. I’d love to know how to get that curtain-thing that divides the rooms up. Is there a way to install that slidey-thingie anywhere, or does there have to be previous nails or something there?

  3. The hubs and I are getting ready to move from a 1,000 sq. ft. apartment in Kentucky too a 400 sq. ft. studio in downtown Seattle. Seeing what these people did with such small living spaces is so encouraging!

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