All about that time Offbeat Empire's Megan Finley made her TV godmother ugly cry

While some of you may have been reading Offbeat Empire websites for YEARS, you might not realize that we have a veritable television star on staff. OH YES: years ago, Offbeat Empire Associate Publisher & Offbeat Home Managing Editor Megan Finley had a key role on Knots Landing as a baby who, among many other things I'm sure, has the fantastic ability to bring emotional women to their knees

Why I started "No Media Mondays" in my house

I'm shamefully addicted to my computer. I'd like to say it is mostly to stay in touch with the friends and family that I recently moved 1000 miles away from, but it started long before that. A few weeks ago I watched as my 20-month-old daughter "cooked" at her pretend kitchen while I was making dinner. She then proceeded to bring her baby doll to the rocking chair and "read" her a book, the exact same way that I do. She gave the baby a kiss, tucked her in, and said, "Night night!" I thought to myself, "My god, this child pays attention to everything I do."

Cartoons that might teach your little kid a thing or two

Instead of feeling guilty about the amount of video entertainment Conan gets to watch, I've started focusing on the benefits. Besides giving me a few much needed minutes of guaranteed kid-unencumbered time, the programs Conan watches are so educational they'll just about make your teeth hurt.