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How and why I voluntarily became a single mother at 22

When I was little, my rendition of “house” always included pretending I was a single mother struggling to make ends meet. I’m not sure if my eight-year-old self could foresee the future, or if I was just making do with the fact that I didn’t ever have a boy to play my “husband.” I dabbled in dating as a teenager. By “dabble” I mean my relationships never lasted more than three months and most were more like a few days. I just never had much interest in men (or women, for that matter), sexually speaking.

Two lesbian moms, one gay dad, and the bringing together of six grandparents

This weekend our son Mac met some of his dad’s family… who are also Mac’s family. And I guess are now our family, too. How strange it is to have a second set of in-laws — in-laws who aren’t actually related by law at all. Out-law in-laws.

How we used a salsa jar to get pregnant

We always knew we wanted to have a baby, but having two sets of ovaries doesn’t really help with that. Patty’s best friend has always talked about helping her conceive by donating sperm, but Patty didn’t want to carry the baby herself. I, on the other hand, was happy to get pregnant. We did consider adoption, and I in fact always thought that would be the way I’d have a child, but since we had a willing known donor… we figured we should at least give conceiving a biological child a shot!

Why sperm donors deserve recognition and honor

It is time to change the conversation around the term “sperm donor.” “Donor” does not equate “deadbeat dad.” A donor, whether a dear friend or a random person who grabs a magazine, a cup and heads for a small room at a sperm bank, is a wonderful person. He is the person who gives us our families, and no matter who he is, gay and lesbian families are grateful.

My husband was a sperm donor: perspective from the partner of a bio-dad

Anyone who has friends in same-sex relationships knows about how much weight is given to biological parents here in the US … I don’t know exactly how this has worked out so well, but I think it’s because we all care about each other.

“All our love, Mommy and Momma”: considering identity and lesbian families

I don’t know what it’s like to grow up with a mom and dad, and neither will the daughter I hope to have.

Queer parenting decisions: choosing a known sperm donor

Queer families have many questions to consider when planing a family: adopt or conceive? Who will carry? Should we choose someone we know to donate an egg/sperm?

I want to be pregnant… but I don’t want to be a parent

I have a birth plan in place, know that I want to use a birthing center instead of a hospital, and I drink my morning coffee while watching Birth Day. Here’s the tricky part: I do NOT want kids.