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The Korean take-out-inspired, coconut pumpkin soup recipe that taught me how to embrace cooking

After watching the Food Network, I got inspired. I did some digging in my parents’ kitchen, and I found some pureed pumpkin, a can of coconut milk, and some carrots. And then I discovered their mother-effing VITAMIX with a “hot soup” setting.

I took a few deep breaths, put on some music, and decided to wing it.

When I finally tasted my soup, everything made sense. This is why my husband loves cooking so much. It was FUN. I made a restaurant quality soup. All by myself. A soup that completely embraces the non-official start of fall; deliciously fatty, with a stunning orange color and perfect creamy texture. An artistic masterpiece…

Super-easy super-healthy super-yummy sweet potato soup recipe

Sweet potatoes are amazing: super-duper healthy and super-duper flavorful. According to the USDA, you’re supposed to eat a lot of yellow/orange veggies, and this sweet potato soup recipe is by far my favorite way to do it…

Brainless chicken tortilla soup for when you’re too tired to cook

I like cooking, but sometimes I’m just too tired after getting home from work. This chicken tortilla soup is my go-to recipe when I’m exhausted and want something delicious and healthy, but don’t want to work too hard or go out to eat.

Easy vegan noodles and soups as seen on @offbeathome #vegan #asian #recipes

Ramen, curry, miso, oh my! Easy vegan noodles and soups

Pining for curry? Jonesing for peanut sauce? Instead of Grubhubbing your local Thai or Indian place, you can totally make budget-friendly Asian-inspired vegan noodles and soups yourself. Plus, they’re all vegan-optional for meatless Monday or meatless every day. Let’s explore the world of low-calorie noodles, homemade and super easy peanut sauce, and a warm pumpkin curry soup.

My simple, fragrant, red lentil and veggie Dal recipe

Indian-style Dal is a wonderful, thick, delicious soup that becomes a stew the longer it sits. The warming spices offer a welcome change from the traditional choice of chicken noodle, and the recipe is seriously, ridiculously, easily adaptable. As long as you have a few staple ingredients, you can make it with whatever you have lingering in your freezer or produce drawer and still manage to have something that tastes rich and delicious.

Easy but not-quite-Megan-Simple veggie soup recipe

I made this homemade soup the night before my Friend Christmas party, and put everything in the fridge. The day of the party it was delicious, and it also makes awesome leftovers! Here’s the easy but not-quite-Megan-Simple recipe…

Old fashion chicken and noodle soup without the work

I love cooking, but I’m also a graduate student in the tiniest of apartments. Neither of which are conducive to homemade meals. On the other hand, canned soups tend to have too much sodium for me. I have finally found a recipe that not only tastes amazing, but requires very little work.

Megan-simple slow-cooked pea and ham soup

There are a zillion ways to adapt this recipe (which I’ll explain later), but at its most basic it is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, sugar-free, nut-free; pretty much everything-free except meat. So it’s a great soup for families with multiple allergies, or for when you’re hosting someone and you’re not sure exactly what they can eat.