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“Baskets!” moment: Your veggie scraps are actually delicious soup in the making

Next time you’re chopping up some veggies, get out a gallon-size zip-top bag. Toss in any edible pieces that you’re trimming. This includes peels, end bits and weird fleshy bits that wouldn’t look appetizing, but are harmless. Then use those veggie bits to make soup stock!

Magical sickness-fixing pureed celery soup

The only good thing about getting sick is that my husband always makes me this awesome celery soup. I can make a mean soup from scratch (it’s kind of my thing) but nothing compares to his magical sickness fixing celery soup. It sounds odd, looks kind of gross and has the consistency of applesauce but it tastes amazing.

A Megan-simple soup made with beans, veggies, leftover rice, and a TON of cheese

I live in Oregon, and we’ve officially moved into the COLD COLD SO COLD months. The other day I was rooting around in the kitchen for something hearty but easy, something that could be made in ten minutes or less. We had a ton of leftover steamed white rice from dinner the night before that I planned to incorporate, but I wasn’t sure what else to mix in.

Cauliflower soup as alternative to potato soup

I discovered cauliflower soup when I was looking for a healthier alternative to one of my go-to winter meals, potato soup. Cauliflower has fewer calories than potatoes, so using it as a substitute drops the total caloric content of your soup by three quarters. Calories aside, it also has fewer carbohydrates than potatoes, so the soup doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and ready for a nap afterwards. Plus, it’s good for people who can’t have dairy because you don’t need milk. Vegans can swap out the butter and stock for their preferred substitute.

Butternut squash soup with seared cod

Growing up, I never ate butternut squash, but my husband did. Two glorious years ago he introduced me to the oddly shaped veg. We became friends.

Today I have to share with you a wonderful soup and fish combo. It sounds weird, but looks and tastes delightful.

Recycle your halloween pumpkin as yummy refrigerator soup

Buying a huge vegetable, setting it outside for a few days, then throwing it away bothers me. Inspiration hit when a friend explained “refrigerator soup,” made from whatever veg was a little past its prime. If this soup works for slightly saggy veg, couldn’t it work for my old pumpkins too?