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Don’t use January to beat yourself up

January always seems to be about making new starts. Quitting things, cutting down on things, doing more of other things… I, of course, thought I was above falling for the hype. I’m an Offbeat Homie, I don’t need to buy your exercise video just because it’s January! Obviously.

We lost the TV and found bowling dates, sleep, and a travel budget

While in college, we gave up TV in order to see more of each other. Seven years and two kids later, and we’re still without TV — and it’s enabled us to live more richly!

You owe me a dollar! A self-improving way to save for big goals.

My beloved and I are not the neatest people on earth. We try, and we spend quite a bit of time each week cleaning up our humble little home, but ultimately the place is usually a little messy.

That being said, he has a habit of leaving his shoes smack in the middle of the front door, and I trip over them every day when I get home from work. This shit drives me INSANE.

One day I snapped. I told him every time he leaves his shoes in front of the door he owes me a dollar. The habit persisted, and every dollar he gives me goes straight into our wedding bank.

We disconnected the internet at home and we lived to tell the tale

Cutting costs. Phones? Need them. Car? We’re a one-car family already. Cable? Nah. But the internet? Certainly that is necessary for a student and a couple planning a wedding.