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I want to have an affair with these Mad Men-style time capsule homes

Homie and guest-poster Julie F sent me an email that just said “OH MY GODZZZZZ” with a link to these Mad Men-style time capsule homes. I thought I’d ignore everyone who said they hate real estate posts, and cater to my fellow real estate boner-having Homies.

Bloomers and Frocks: How I quit my day job to pursue my love of vintage and run an Etsy shop full-time

I am an Offbeat Bride graduate, religiously read Offbeat Home, and I run a small Etsy shop featuring vintage clothes. Running an Etsy shop is challenging. I am the sole employee. I am the CEO, secretary, customer service, marketing, along with numerous other roles..

Renovating our colourful, lived-in, never-finished, Arts and Crafts bungalow

This home was the fresh start I was dreaming of. When I left my husband, I never thought in a little more than a year I would buy my own (little) home. I could paint whatever colours I wanted, decorate how I wanted and keep the house in whatever (child-safe) state I wanted. I purchased this home as a single-mom with a toddler — then at the housewarming party three months later, I married my boyfriend in the archway between the living and dining rooms.

Get your kicks on this Americana-fueled road trip on Route 66

Technically, our trip was all of Route 66 (through: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California), plus the driving it took to get us to the start — we came from Nate’s folks house; so, Ohio and Indiana. And then from California to Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois. We spent the better part of a month living out of our car and tent, traveling across America together.

5 decor concepts from ugly vintage bathrooms that I’m totally stealing

Don’t scoff at that “ugly” vintage bathroom. They have a lot they can teach us about decorating. Here are five things that our resident Oprah, Dootsie, is stealing from vintage bathroom design.

The easy-peasy guide to restoring your silver and silver plated-pieces

I found this silver-plated Wallace Silversmith cake service set on Shop Goodwill, in the original case! Seemed a bit tarnished but totally salvageable. But how to tidy these up? Enter some simple household materials, and very little elbow grease.

Kurt Cobain’s childhood home is for sale — anyone in Aberdeen need a roomie?

The childhood of Kurt Cobain is totally for sale — if you have $500,000 to spare. Considering the average home price in Aberdeen, Washington is around $80,000, you’ll definitely be paying that extra zillion dollars for the memories. BUT OH WHAT MEMORIES THEY ARE — who WOULDN’T want to live in the room that has a wall that Kurt punched a hole through? I’m serious, Homies. Let’s take a gander…

Mini-fridges that’ll look awesome in your living room

My husband wants to get a mini-fridge for our beer collection. Problem is, it would need to be in our living room. Help me find some stylish mini-fridge options that I won’t hate looking at everyday?