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Bringing home baby, reptile edition: a guide to owning your first reptile

Buying an exotic reptilian isn’t an endeavour for the faint of heart. The idea of owning and loving a lizard from the other side of the planet hadn’t dawned on me until my partner did just that. And you can be too, with these helpful tips.

Build a planty, sunlit vivarium for reptiles and photosynthesis

Make a slick and sexy vivarium for reptiles — or even just to admire plants. It’s just 31 simple steps!

Seven reasons to love cold-blooded pets, too

When I started dating my partner, I was elated to learn he had six — six!!!! — snakes, and I earned awesome points for wanting to hold them. We’ve since downsized to three snakes and added three bearded dragons. We are, officially, a reptile family. And it’s rad.