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pre-trying to conceive

How did you tell your partner that you’re ready to start a family?

But lately, I’ve realised that I really want a baby. Like now. And I don’t know how to bring it up gently. I’ve tried talking a lot about our friend’s pregnancy, which he does get excited about, but unfortunately it doesn’t transition into talking about us. I don’t want to bring it up head-on in case it scares him off (because to him it’s probably coming out of nowhere) but more ease into it gently if possible.

How and when in the now: learning to live in the moment

I’ll admit it: I am a planner. I need to have all my bearings gathered with at least an outline of things to come. After our wedding some life situations like health issues and a death came up, our priorities shifted, and the planned window of time for having “our babies” moved up. And now it has, at last, become a real fleshy possibility.

This shadow of possibility scares me shitless like nothing before….

How can I politely tell people that my reproductive goals are none of their business?

As my husband and I decided that this pack of birth control pills would be the last (for a while), I found myself confronted with an awkward situation. Random people (co-workers, clients, etc.) asking me in one form or another if I was thinking about having a baby yet.

How I decided to become a mom

We’re starting our own photography business. Baby Fever had me in its crazy-making hold. I was one of those women… the women who linger in the infant section of any store. The women who read birth stories and mommy blogs every week. The women who stare at every baby and pregnant lady they see.

How can I respond politely to unsolicited conception and child-raising advice?

My husband and I are planning to start trying to conceive this summer. I’m so excited about the prospect of starting our family and becoming a mother! We’re doing everything we can to prepare, and I want my friends and family to be excited for us too… but so far that’s not the response I’ve gotten.

I thought I didn’t want to have a kid… until I realized I do

I’m a perennial University student of literature and philosophy; a vegan, tattooed traveler who, being aunty to six terrific nephews and nieces, felt that I was surrounded by enough kid-love to forgo cooking up any of my own…until now.

When is the right time to have a child?

Ariel and Stephanie weigh in on the question “Am I being foolish by waiting until I feel financially secure before reproducing?”