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A transcendental cesarean birth story

Denise’s birth was one that enabled her to transcend the immediate pain and uncertainty and find a place from which she could gather strength for her unplanned cesarean section delivery.

First-time mom abandons fear in favor of stubbornness

When a contraction woke me up at 3:35 AM on my due date, I ignored it. When another contraction popped up ten minutes later, I ignored that one too. At 4:45 AM a contraction popped me right in the nose. It was intense, painful, and it wasn’t messing around.

Breaking plans: an “Unnatural Birth” story

Erika’s planned natural birth didn’t go exactly as she envisioned–and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

A sunset baby brings in a new beginning

Just when you think Offbeat Mama’s birth stories archive can’t get any more beautiful, something like Niko’s birth comes along and knocks you off your feet.

A Castor oil-assisted birth

Tara and Mike’s daughter, Quinn, was born at 42 weeks (O.M.G.) with the assistance of castor oil and awesome parentage.

The story of how Princess Lasertron birthed her babytron

Meg of Princess Lasertron makes beautiful felt bouquets loved by Offbeat Brides … and this spring she gave birth to her daughter!

Thirteen hours of water birthing

I practically ran back into the bedroom and woke up my partner Joe, feverishly excited I beamed, “My water broke!”

You did not fail just because your birth didn’t go as planned

We often think we have control over our lives — but ultimately each of us has to grapple with that which is beyond our control. We have to learn about surrender.