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planned unmedicated childbirth

Yeah, so my son was born in the backseat of a taxi.

Summer wanted a natural childbirth free from medical interventions. Well, she got what she wanted, right there in the back of a taxi cab on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

How to find the perfect midwife or OBGYN for your birth

You have mentioned the necessity of finding a health practitioner you trust and feel a connection with. Do you have any tips for how to go about this? Are there particular questions you recommend asking to help “screen” potential midwives and doctors? Any responses that should trigger a warning? The very first step is to […]

A premature baby can change your entire birth plan

Our baby, Jasper, was born on 27 March 2009 in Portland, Oregon. My husband and I moved to Portland in December of 2008, and I hooked up with the nurse midwives at OHSU for our birth shortly thereafter. Before going into his birth story, let me preface this by saying that my husband, Sean, and […]

I had a horrible pregnancy, and I can’t wait to try again!

A lot of women I know talk about having the perfect pregnancy, the perfect birth, the perfect baby. I was one of them. In the beginning of my pregnancy, everything WAS perfect. I was healthy, my growing baby boy was healthy, my hubby, Devin, was amazing, our families were thrilled, friends were ecstatic, life couldn’t […]

Facing your birth fears

Q. We are planning our first homebirth with our 2nd child due in February in a state that has laws preventing homebirth. I am so excited to not be in a hospital setting….but I am becoming consumed with fear. Fear that something is going to go wrong, that we’ll have to transport to the hospital […]

Breech babies and birthing plans

Let’s backtrack to the 37th week, two weeks before Alice was born. Henry and I went to my weekly check-up together, to have “The Talk” with our doctor.