The Mom Tribe: as a mom, you are never alone

The Mom Tribe: as a mom, you are never alone

When I was pregnant 11 years ago, I knew I was clueless. I was young and naïve and really didn’t have the slightest idea what being a parent would entail. I don’t think I could even comprehend past diapers and breastfeeding. I read every book that I could, studies and research, and all the information I could to be prepared for one of the biggest journey’s of my life. None of that helped. Nothing can prepare for what life as a mom is like. I remember the day the nurse put this little guy in my arms and that was it. My heart filled up. I looked into those eyes and knew my world was no longer just my own.

My purpose found me. And I found the Mom Tribe.

How I make it work as a dwarf parent

How I make it work as a dwarf parent

Being a dwarf parent has its own challenges, as I do some things differently in comparison to an average height person. There are also situations where I cannot always manage. Often I can be hard on myself and feel down about the fact I wish I could do more in the way of being able to pick Zelda up and carry her around when needed. I’m blessed to have my wife’s patience, as she reassures me that I am doing enough.

Here are a few things that we do to make it easier on everyone…

Resources for fathers-to-be that aren’t patronizing

Are there resources for fathers-to-be that aren’t weirdly gendered or patronizing? My husband isn’t an idiot and would love more information than “when can my wife have sex again?”, “when will I get to watch sports again”, or “how to do cope wife my wife’s craaa-aaaa-zzyyy hormones/body/cravings/etc?”

Why ditching my kid to go exercise makes me a better parent

Something I often get mom guilt about is leaving the house to workout. The truth is, leaving the house to get a workout in helps make me a better parent! And it could do the same for you, here’s why…

How to know when your kid is old enough to be left alone

Our daughter is almost 10. I believe she would be fine on her own for an hour, and I feel confident that she knows how to call 911, who to go to for help, etc., But, what do you guys think… At what age are kids ready to be left alone?

I want to adopt another child. My husband doesn’t.

We’re at an impasse. We fundamentally disagree, and we completely respect each other’s feelings on the subject. We just don’t agree.

One of us is going to “lose” the argument here, and I don’t know how to cope…