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What did you do to make the first months of parenthood less overwhelming?

What were the three things (or more!) you did that made those first few months with baby less overwhelming? Or what do you wish you had done?

A doula’s advice: the dos and don’ts of visiting friends after they have a baby

I know how exciting new babies are. I know how much people want to see and smell them when they are brand new. I also know that being a good friend to new parents means taking the utmost care with a new and very delicate situation. As a postpartum doula, I’m here to tell you how you can be a good friend while you visit new babies and their parents.

Loving the mother I am

My daughter will be who she is. That is the most exquisite thing I could ever want for her. Any push from me to be the perfect mama is all fallow work.

What kind of hiking carrier should we use for our infant?

Rachael and her partner love hiking but have NO CLUE what to pack their baby in while they’re doing so. What do you use?

If the baby co-sleeps in bed with you, where do you have sex?

Ok, co-sleepers: riddle us this! How do you co-sleep and keep your sex lives active in your bed?