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3 things I wish I’d done differently when I was pregnant

Since conception we have often joked about the magical powers of the iconic seafood restaurant chain. So this weekend we returned, which got me thinking about pregnancy, specifically my pregnancy and that a year ago I was just two months pregnant, blissfully unaware that I was having two babies rather than one. There are so many things about my pregnancy that I wouldn’t change, but there are others that I wish that I could do over again.

Morning sickness got you down? Here are my favourite places to throw up

Anyway, after discussing barfing at length with a few people, someone brought up the notion of refusing to throw up in a toilet. “Uh, why?”, I asked naively.

Using acupuncture and herbs to treat morning sickness

As an informed and offbeat consumer, you may want to consider alternative approaches to treating morning sickness. Acupuncture has been used safely and effectively by pregnant women for thousands of years, long before anything resembling Western medical science existed. It is all natural, with no drugs or potentially harmful side effects to threaten your health or that of your baby.

Marijuana might have made me a healthier mom

One mother who suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy did her research and learned that her best medicine was probably going to be illegal.