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Our one-bedroom condo in Seattle: Home to four people and a kitty living well

We’re a family of four that love living in a pretty small space. Our condo is 730 square feet, one bedroom and one-and-a-half baths. We didn’t intend to stay here, and I certainly never expected to end up loving small space living or a minimalist approach to possessions but this home has taught me the value of both and shaped the expectations I put on myself for how I want to show up as a home maker in the world.

Stuff vs things: Musings about minimalism, self-sufficiency, and accumulating things

In the last few weeks, I have been thinking about stuff. Or more specifically, thinking about minimalism, the absence of stuff. I have lived that lifestyle before — minimalism is easy to do when you’re broke. Now that we have two full-time incomes, and plenty of empty space to fill, minimalism is harder to achieve. In 2008, I owned only five pairs of shoes (and I will admit, I let myself feel a bit smug about that). Now, in 2013, I own five pairs of Melissa shoes alone. Gone are my smug days of shoe-minimalism. Did I need to buy two new pairs of sparkly Melissa flats last year? Not at all. But they are pretty, and I love them. Pretty things aside, I do feel like there is a difficult balance to achieve between minimalism and self-sufficiency.

Simple, minimal furniture for those of us who move a lot

I’m about to embark on a new career change which may frequently involve temporarily relocating to multiple places across the country. These temporary moves would likely be just me, my dog, no car, and likely without my partner.

I am trying to think ahead, while keeping price and possible storage/shipping ability in mind. What kind of simple, minimal furniture options are out there for this kind of arrangement?

Conquering the belongings that formerly overwhelmed me

Are you moving or thinking it’s time to reduce some of the crap you own? Homie Matilda’s struggle with getting rid of all of her belongings for her impending move might help inspire you to reduce the amount of crap you own. Or it might also make you realize WHY it is you keep holding on to so many THINGS.

How a packrat and a minimalist compromised in organizing

What happens when a minimalist mom living in a small trendy downtown apartment meets a country boy packrat? Well, if it was a sitcom, hilarity would ensue. Reality? A little stressful.

I sold everything I own to make room for something amazing

I’ve never been one to amass collections of anything. I’ve moved…a lot. A lot a lot a lot; over 30 times before moving out after high school a lot. But selling everything I owned to move across the planet was still jarring.

The home that produces almost zero trash and looks like a catalogue photo set

When I think of the type of home that might be a “zero waste” home — where occupants strive to eliminate the everyday disposables that seem sometimes to be inseparable from living — I guess I think of a home far from civilization. Maybe something handbuilt. The zero waste home in my imagination looks a lot like the permaculture-loving straw bale home we featured in April 2011. It’s woodsy, it’s cozy, it’s clearly inhabited by hippies.

Well, finding The Zero Waste Home blog goes to show me that assuming and stereotyping are no good.

How we created a co-sleeping minimalist hippy bedroom!

How on earth can you create a minimalist bedroom with hippy decorating tendencies? Especially when you happen to be a family of co-sleepers who resides in a 100+ year-old cottage.

I know. You’ve probably wondered this question A THOUSAND TIMES. Wonder no longer, dearest. I’m here and I’m happy to help!