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Adventures of a pregnant belly (and the woman carrying it)

I am sort of in love with this belly series from Flickr user out_loud. She dropped a few photos into our Flickr pool, and when I discovered her original set has 101 shots of her belly and its adventures I knew I needed to share.

A Harry Potter-inspired maternity session

Gwyneth Colleen sent this shoot over and it’s packed with lovely shots of this family. What struck me about the shoot was the poses they came up with.

Even though the family is dressed low-key, these poses they came up with and shot with Gwyneth make the shots unique and fun to look at.

Expert advice for bad-ass maternity boudoir shots

A good photographer can capture a lot of things. A stolen glance from two lovers, the way light softly plays with the highlights of a baby’s hair, the forlorn beauty of a tree dancing in the wind. If a good photographer meets a bold mom-to-be, the ensuing photos can be stunning.