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Our nice, unsuspecting entryway cabinet is a secret kitty bathroom

Our house isn’t very big, and the place that makes the most sense to put the litter box is right in the front entryway. Instead of greeting our guests with a box of cat poop, we got this cabinet on Amazon to hide the litter box.

My cat shits outside, how about yours?

I had a plan, and it was to get my cat to go to the bathroom outside. (My “outside” means our tiny balcony off of our living room.) This has LONG been a goal, but was only just accomplished with the help of a few key products and some training.

How to turn your bathroom cupboard into a cat box

Behind that door is a cat box. This bathroom cupboard didn’t have any shelves inside. So I put a piece of carpet down, added a cat door and the cat box is inside!

Chic damask litter box hacks and a bonus homemade scratching post

Lenna made very elegant stealthy litter boxes — and they serve double duty as entrance benches. Read her post to learn what else she made to entertain two spoiled cats.