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Parental discretion advised

One thing I never gave much thought about was the censorship I would have to do on my music library when choosing the “shuffle” option because the kids were around. I realized this not too long ago when Cyprus Hill’s “Hits from the Bong” came on the stereo while cleaning house with Middle L nearby.

How to make a fairy mailbox

If you have young children (or even older ones) who believe in fairies, this is a fun, ongoing project you can do with them. A fairy mailbox is a special mailbox that kids can use to write the fairies and receive messages from them.

Can you be pagan and celebrate Christmas with your kids?

I love cheesy Christmas songs, I love fairy lights. On the other hand, I feel hypocritical at the school Nativity play.

My favorite family pix from Pixie Vision Productions

I’ve featured Pixie Vision Productions‘ wedding photography on Offbeat Bride, but who knew that Pixie also does fucking awesome offbeat family portraits? I mean, I guess I should have guessed … after all, those offbeat weddings often go on to produce offbeat families! That said, Pixie’s unique spin on unique families produces portraits that totally […]

Seattle audiences are such a tough crowd

Love Jenny Jimenez‘s shot of Seattle’s next generation of indie rockers looking oh-so-blase and unimpressed at a recent radio station barbecue.