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Tavi’s got four grandmas

This is the story of what happens when two children of lesbians (each their mother’s only child) have a kid. The short version of the story: picture a swarm of grandmas circling the baby like the world’s most loving vultures. The long version: When Andreas and I first hooked up, one of our very first […]

Queer Parent 101

Having kids makes you come out A LOT! I cannot lie – I get sick of coming out all of the time. It’s inconvenient and anxiety-producing and awkward and taps into my own internalized crap.

One awesome way to support your gay son (yes, there’s a Lady Gaga costume involved)

For Halloween last year, 14-year-old Elliot’s mom made his Lady Gaga costume and helped with makeup, and then his dad (costumed as a bodyguard) accompanied him to West Hollywood so that Elliot could go dance and sing with all the other street revelers.