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One big happy family works it out in a high-chroma house

Mica Sue and Stephen live with kids Phoenix, Ocean, Anna, and Garrett and pets Holly and Mr. Kitters in a three bedroom house in east Tennessee. And it’s all a bit… chromatic. And full.

How to fit a family of four into a 500-square foot apartment

I’ve written before about how my son’s bedroom is a converted walk-in closet, so I’m always super inspired to see how other families are make small urban homes work.

My teen-dream cabin in the woods

When I was 11, my parents got a wild hair to build a one-room cabin on the far side of the lot occupied by their country home. I had no idea that a simple building would have such a big impact on my teen years.

Ariel’s urban warm whirling rainbow dream castle/condo

Our home has this weird mix of very urban (condo! modern stuff! bright colors!) and very granola (wood! prayer flags! plants!). And then there’s the part where my son sleeps in a closet…