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How to change careers, despite having a not-too-helpful degree

I had no idea what career path I wanted to choose. I had no way to go back to school (even part time was beyond my financial means). But I was able to change careers, and change my path, despite having a not-too-helpful degree. Here’s how I did it…

The 3 ingredients to achieve the perfect work-life blend

I achieved a life goal at the age of 27, my dream job. Then I quickly discovered how unsustainable it was to channel so much of myself into work. I was told there was balance to be found. It was my introduction to the mythical concept of work-life balance, and I become obsessed with finding the right balance.

In my quest for balance I came across a transformative idea: it’s not about the balance, it’s all about the blend! Here are the three ingredients to my perfect work-life blend…

Where can a disillusioned teacher start looking for something else?

I have been teaching for almost 10 years. I’ve taught in three countries, and in several counties in my home state. Though I love working with kids, I find the teaching profession itself has changed and twisted so much over the past few decades that I no longer have the drive and interest to work within the system. Does anyone have any suggestions for where a disillusioned teacher can start looking for something else?

You are NEVER EVER too old to make the leap: How to get out of retail jobs

I went from retail to an entry level office job to a full-blown social worker, but it took time. However, take it from me, you are NEVER EVER too old to make the leap! One of my favourite sayings is “A year from now you will wish you had started today.” Here’s what you can do to get the ball rolling…

How to survive as a substitute teacher

Teaching is in no means an easy profession, and supply teaching adds extra stresses and challenges. You are doing an important job, and need to take care of yourself in order to be successful at it. I’m now in the thick of my third year, and thought I would share a few tips and tricks to those just starting their education careers, or those considering this vocational path…

Where do you find offbeat jobs?

I need help in figuring out where to start looking for offbeat jobs. I saw a therapist and I just got out of my third session with a career counselor. In all this, I’ve learned that professionals don’t have answers for me. Where do people go to talk about offbeat careers? Something outside the cubicle, outside of sales, anything that’s just different?

How do I allow myself to take breaks at work?

Lately I’ve been pulled so many different directions that I end up working during my lunch breaks. Because I always make myself accessible to others, I inevitably became the “go-to person” to fix problems, troubleshoot the copier, direct phone calls, greet clients, etc. Does anyone have suggestions for avoiding workaholic tendencies? What are some ways to set boundaries with co-workers, and allow myself to take breaks so that I don’t burnout?

5 point plan for quitting a job when they don’t want to let you go

It’s been several wonderful years, and now I have to steel myself, grit my teeth, and quit my job so I can work on my own goals of development. With that in mind, here’s my five point plan to quitting my job when they don’t want to let me go…