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Where do you find offbeat jobs?

I need help in figuring out where to start looking for offbeat jobs. I saw a therapist and I just got out of my third session with a career counselor. In all this, I’ve learned that professionals don’t have answers for me. Where do people go to talk about offbeat careers? Something outside the cubicle, outside of sales, anything that’s just different?

The steps you should take when job hunting: Insights from the person who receives your resumes

I’ve spent the better part of the last three months hiring people for openings in my department. I’ve been looking mostly for entry-level candidates for marketing and writing positions, and have reviewed thousands of resumes (from online postings, job fairs, LinkedIn and referrals). I’d like to offer some general advice from a management perspective for getting your resume seen and getting an interview.

How to survive unemployment and under-employment without wallowing in self-pity (too much)

Since I finished University I have been under-employed for at least 18 months. Some of the time I get a few hours of work, and manage to make ends meet, and other times I can have weeks on end with no shifts. I have coped with these periods of underemployment and unemployment by doing a few key things…

LinkedIn: I use it for exactly one thing (and it’s not job hunting)

It feels like we pretty much all have a LinkedIn profile. We know that 200 million people do. So we all have accounts, but this, my friends, is the question: WTF is LinkedIn actually FOR? It’s a social network, but no one seems to network much there. It’s for finding jobs, but how?

Offbeat job interview tips: 3 things you must ask your interviewer

Once a month or so, we get a little scope-creepy and take a look at budget and career issues. Today, I’mma put on my old corporate job hat and give you the three questions that YOU should ask your interviewer, to totally impress them and make them start visualizing all the ways they are desperate to have you working this job.

Looking for work-from-home freelance gigs? IGNORE JOB BOARDS

Here’s the thing that no one seems to understand about freelancing: it’s not about finding job listings — it’s about marketing your skills and whoring yourself non-stop so that work comes to you. Trawling job boards or Craigslist is not marketing yourself, and it’s not networking.