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How do we upgrade a completely blank-slate rental kitchen?

When they say “unfurnished” rental in Indonesia, they really mean UNfurnished. The kitchen is nothing more than two (ugly) counters and a sink. We have the appliances covered, but for cabinetry/shelving, I’m at a loss.

Indonesian bathrooms and the beauty of the “butt hose”

Initially, the idea of forgoing toilet paper and embracing the butt hose made me cringe. It didn’t take long, though, for me to adapt — and now I’m a total convert. When we visit countries that use toilet paper, I feel gross and dirty. I suffer from butt hose withdrawals!

Pangsit goreng: my favourite party snack

Pangsit was always a bit of a mystery to me; my grandma has been cooking for so long that she eyeballs all of her recipes and the way she folds these deep fried delights was too quick for me to follow. In short, pangsit goreng is deep fried wonton (although we’ll be using spring roll pastry, because oma said so), filled with a meat mixture. Now that I have uncovered the enigmas I’d love to share them with all of you lovelies.

Inviting, eclectic, colorful, comfortable, and ever-evolving: our home in Jakarta, Indonesia

You heard about how Samantha and Ryan made their brave move to Jakarta. Then you (okay, WE) demanded a home tour. Wish granted! It’s colorful, art-filled, and full of GREAT tips if you too are thinking of making the move to Indonesia.

We sold everything and moved to Indonesia!

One day I was at work and I got a text message from my partner that said something like, “Let’s move to Indonesia and get jobs as teachers!” And I was like, “Riiight, okay, right after we hit the lottery. Nice dreaming, though.” Four months later, we were living and working in Jakarta!