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I had a horrible pregnancy, and I can’t wait to try again!

A lot of women I know talk about having the perfect pregnancy, the perfect birth, the perfect baby. I was one of them. In the beginning of my pregnancy, everything WAS perfect. I was healthy, my growing baby boy was healthy, my hubby, Devin, was amazing, our families were thrilled, friends were ecstatic, life couldn’t […]

Breech babies and birthing plans

Let’s backtrack to the 37th week, two weeks before Alice was born. Henry and I went to my weekly check-up together, to have “The Talk” with our doctor.

…And my midwife makes three

I’ll be honest, my motives for seeking out natural childbirth started many years ago and sprang from a very rational fear of gigantic needles. I was scared senseless by the idea of a lightning rod going into my spine, and thought the pain of childbirth had to be preferable.

An open-adoption birthmother’s ode to a supposedly 7 pound baby

He was 9lbs 10oz, 23 inches long, 10 fingers, 10 toes. Perfect. His adoptive parents cut his umbilical cord together, his adoptive mother was the first to hold him after me.

HunnyDu’s birth story

Daddy and Lyra are cuddling on the couch together, so I’m taking the time while I have it to tell of my birth adventure. My original plan was to have a natural birth, at Kaiser, with midwives and a doula. I boned up hard for this test, took classes, read books, did birth affirmations daily, […]