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4 ways to survive being an accidental stay at home mom

I am an accidental stay-at-home mom. It’s not all roses however, as there was a learning curve to the two of us being home all day together. My husband now jokes that he was certain he would come home one day and my son and I would have divided the house in half with tape and claimed territories!

All joking aside, there are some great ways to help make the transition easier and to break the monotony of it all…

We’re beginning our journey as home schoolers

When I was pregnant with my son I felt as though there was an almost innate need for him to be home schooled. I had forgotten about it after I went through a very stressful birth with him. When he was 18 months and in Early Intervention for speech I revisited the idea. When I couldn’t find a curriculum or school system I agreed with in public, charter or Catholic school I ended up walking through this door of infinite possibilities — home schooling! Many people started to emerge and extend their hand towards us, offering trips to conventions, curriculum, catalogs, websites and help.

High Tech Homeschool: how we use Google Drive to schedule assignments at home

Tonight I began a grade book for each child and shared it with only that individual. All of the assignments come to my email, which comes to my phone (which has a Google Drive app) so I can grade anywhere: in the car, in bed, in line at the grocery store or during my husband’s boring Alien conspiracy shows.

Thoughts about how urban parents are changing the face of homeschooling

Education is always a big topic on parenting sites — we’ve chatted about those who opt for public, private, home, and unschooling throughout this site’s existence. Michelle recently shared a piece that resonated with me: Linda Perlstein’s Why Urban, Educated Parents are Turning to DIY Education.

The importance of discussing WHY you’re homeschooling your kids with them

Yesterday while I was tending to a plumbing problem my kids were doing their homeschooling. My older son was in my line of sight quietly reading in his bedroom. He looked up from Lord of the Flies to ask me when I read the book (he knew from a prior conversation that I’d read it). I said it was about three years ago, or maybe four. He asked why I didn’t read it in school. I called my eleven-year-old upstairs and said I had something to explain they should know. My kids have never been to school and they don’t really know how it all works, ranging from the daily goings on of the students and the big picture issues.

How do we pick a preschool that’s right for us?

How did you find the preschool that was right for your family? Is there a super secret password that I need to know?

How I “survived” my religious homeschooling upbringing

I have tattoos, I work in a library, I’m liberal, pro-choice, and try to eat local … and when I tell people I was homeschooled, I tend to get raised eyebrows.

Why only children are awesome

I am a third generation only child, and my son will be a fourth generation only child. I am not only pro-only child, I’ve jokingly referred to myself as an only child bigot, prone to espousing how only children are a master race of superior humans. Really, I’m only half kidding, because I think only children are AWESOME. Here’s why.