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Partner bashing: Are you venting about your partner too much?

Partner bashing: Are you venting about your partner too much?

Partner bashing (in my case, husband bashing, though it’s not limited to heterosexual couples by any means) is one of my biggest pet peeves. I notice it happens a lot in mom groups; women get together and complain loudly about their husbands.

I recognize the importance of venting, but is it ever too much?

How do I decide to be a homemaker… and feel good about it?

I live on the East Coast. My partner lives on the West Coast. So far, the distance has been manageable. Here is the other catch: He was initially the one considering moving, but has incredible career prospects where he is living. One that will bring in enough income that I wouldn’t have to work.

How can I reconcile my fears about becoming a homemaker?

The perils and glories of being a stay-at-home-dad

Being a stay-at-home-dad can be an isolating experience sometimes. We don’t quite fit in with the stay-at-home-moms and we don’t quite fit in with the bread-winning dads. For me, isolation is the worst of homemaking’s perils. I know many moms feel isolated, too, but my guess is that the dads among us experience it more often…

Why I consider “homemaker” one of my jobs

I’ve always heard the term “homemaker” applied to people who don’t do anything else, a PC term for “unemployed and not looking.” If you had another job, no matter what it was, that was how you identified yourself. But I’m an editor and a homemaker, and I’m proud of both of those jobs.

I dislike being a housewife: My struggle with being financially dependent on my spouse

Many women dislike the word “housewife” because of implications of feminism and the stigma of gendered domestic roles. I dislike the word “housewife” because I am one. Well, I don’t dislike the word itself but the actual role. I dislike being a housewife! My husband is not to blame for this; he even tries to mitigate the situation. Its all in my head. But I can’t be the only who feels like this. Whether you prefer the term “housewife/husband,” “homemaker,” or another term entirely, how do you deal with the discomfort of financial dependency on a spouse?

Seeking agnostic, feminist homemaking blogs

I’ve been trying to find homemaking blogs that are more feminist or agnostic or atheist. Or basically, blogs that don’t talk about submitting to God as a step to becoming a good homemaker. I just want more spaces where I can read and comment without feeling as if I don’t really belong. I’m having difficulty finding many, and I was hoping for some recommendations.