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This historical Dutch spooky house for sale is straight out of our haunted dreams

There is a six bedroom home in the Netherlands that reader Noor called out to me recently that BLEW MY MIND. It’s the spooky house of my dreams. Located in Huissenn Netherlands is priced at €350,000 ($431,207 or £305,699) and is chock full of historical details and is dubbed “Het Spookhuis” (The haunted house!). They even mention ghost stories in the listing. Just wait until you see the old timey bar, creepy attic, halls full of caskets(!), and mini theater covered in newsprint wallpaper. It’s spectacular…

Home sweet film location: What it’s like when your home becomes a movie star

I had a woman “murdered” in my basement, vampires in my backyard, a creepy, creepy doll come to life and stalk people, a bomb detonated (special effects, not an actual bomb) in my garage, even a model sequestered away in the basement just for haircuts. In the last three years approximately 10 film crews have been in and out of my house making art. If you’re interested in opening your home to to the bright lights and cameras, there’s a few ways to prepare…

How I made my own working miniature dark ride inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Though I cannot afford to build or run an actual dark ride, nor even set up a Halloween yard, I have wanted to create a dark ride inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion since I was about eight years old. I finally determined a way, however, to bring my own dark ride ideas to life…

How our haunted house is like a three-legged dog

I live with my soon-to-be husband and my nine-year-old daughter in the top part of a duplex in a pretty awesome city. As much as we love the neighborhood, the house, however, is an entirely different story. But despite all of its flaws, there is something adorable and promising about our house. I realized this one day when I compared her (the house) to our animals…

Haunted horror-themed house in Seattle

This week’s home tour is a my special Halloween gift to y’all — a haunted house in a de-commissioned B&B in Seattle. It’s all decked out the way you’d hope a haunted house would be — antique child’s coffin coffee table, antique Halloween goods, metaphysical library, “haunted” ventriloquist dolls, and even snakes abound in this house.

Laurel and Michael’s Victorian gothic haunted mansion on a hill

This The Shining-esque manor was built as a summer luxury hotel in 1896 — and now it’s home to 35 amazing apartments.