Remember to take your vitamins with this pill labeling hack

Exercise instructor SarahRose is not just a good teacher, but she’s also a smarty (and a smart-ass) when it comes to pill labeling.

We decided to share her pill labeling hacks with you…

5 nail polish hacks that can change your life 5ever

Nail polish is a much handier tool than folks give it credit for. In addition to making your fingers a little more jazzy, nail polish can actually be a real asset in some unexpected ways. Here are five nail polish hacks that can improve your life…

How to avoid TSA scanners and look fabulous at the same time

Did you know that if you really don’t want to be forced to go through the airport scanners, then you should dress head-to-toe in sequins? Our Publisher Ariel learned all about that when she flew home from the Philadelphia Lovesick Expo

Time hack: How I stopped being an obsessive clock-checker (and why you should, too)

For some reason, watching the minute hand inch toward a deadline doesn’t help me get the work done faster, but it does make me more anxious; who would have guessed? If you think you may be an obsessive, subconscious clock-checker, I highly recommend you conduct your own experiment.

5 jewelry storage options that you already have in your home

I registered for this coral candle holder, thinking that eventually it would make a great dining room centerpiece. BUT, for the last seven years, we’ve been dining room table-less. Now it’s my jewelry tree! This isn’t my only re-purposed home item-as-jewelry holder. From dining room centerpieces to dragons (of course, it’s me!), check out my all my jewelry storage hacks…

Use a two liter bottle to warm your feet this winter

Grab a two litre pop bottle, turn the tap on full hot and wait until it’s steamy, carefully fill the bottle, cap it tight and wrap in a thin blanket. It’s super-easy, cheap, and works wonders. If you keep the bottle under the covers with you at night it will still be warm in the morning.