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My daughter has a dozen parents and it’s awesome

Yes, I am part of the group that parents my daughter, but I am not the only one. I cannot imagine denying her the incredible formative experiences that she is getting now, and that she will continue to get. I am comfortable saying that I am not my child’s only parent. She has over a dozen! She has all these people who are equally invested in guiding her, loving her and seeing her grow into a responsible adult.

How do you handle jealous grandparents?

My husband and I are expecting our first child in September. My parents are divorced and both remarried. My mom has some anxiety issues that she generally handles very well, but can get overly emotional very easily when it comes to me (an only child). She has a jealous streak when it comes to my Step-Mom, which is not helped by the fact that while my Dad and Step-Mom live 10 minutes away, my Mom and Step-Dad are a good five hours away.

Too young to be a grandma: advice for moms of pregnant teens

If there’s one group of parents we rarely hear from on this site, it’s grandparents! Mamiverse recently published a piece with 5 tips for moms of pregnant teens.

5 tips for dealing with feeling guilty after moving your kid far away from family and friends

We just packed up our entire life and moved 2000 miles away from any family and friends our family has ever known. There’s no better way to describe doing something like this than to use the word “bittersweeet” — we know we’re in the right place for our family, but we’re seriously struggling with feeling guilty for taking our kids away from their grandparents, cousins, aunts, and friends.

How do you celebrate your kid’s birthdays together when divorced grandparents don’t get along?

I’m the product of divorced parents who are happily remarried, but that don’t get along well with one another. Now that my husband and I have brought our three families’ first grandbaby in the world, I’m wondering how we’re going to handle birthdays and other celebrations when two sets of grandparents don’t jive.

My ovaries, his sperm, and other dinner conversations: why we’re not discussing our conception plans

I’ve always been open about my sexuality and the fact that I want more than anything to have a family of my own. If I had questions about sex or relationships, I went to my family for advice or answers. When I wanted to start on birth control pills, I talked to my Mom about it. I’m generally an open person, so why can’t I just give them a firm answer on the baby of it all? The answers to those questions are somewhat complicated. The reason we’ve decided to be mum (ha!) on the whole situation is not: quite simply, it’s none of their business.

Down in Dad’s Shop: a second generation stay-at-home-dad’s reflections on childhood

I grew up with an understanding of manual labor that the children of those who work with their hands often receive: as rewarding as it might be, it is awfully hard on your back. My dad would come in from his barn at night, primer dust in his hair and streaks of paint on his shirt and we knew better than to complain about our days.

Family photo session round-up and more tips for rocking your own photos

Family portrait sessions are one of my favorite things that people do — there’s no better way to capture where your family is at the moment. The sessions are also super diverse — you can shoot in the intimacy of your home, at a park or playground you frequent, or anywhere.